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    A new design to an old favorite. The Concept II is a bigger submarine by scale, new body design, new power plant drive, new details. A beautiful model for display or RC running at Regatta's. The concept II hull is made out of epoxy fiberglass. The model is 46 inches long. The top and bottom hull halves separate to allow for easy access to install RC equipment. Tail fins are molded to allow for lighting. An optional nose girder window beams are also available. The model is loaded with detail, like real submarine's. Two versions are available, display or RC version. RC version is made stronger with bulkheads, for the added weight of the RC equipment.

    Please allow 5-7 weeks for delivery. Prices and specifications subject to change without notice.

    IMPORTANT The design characteristics and specific construction details of the hulls shown in this material are the property of DeBoer Hulls, who will make use of all legal remedies to protect its rights against anyone who copies or imitates them-DeBoer Hulls



    • 4 Window Static Display - $325
    • * 4 Window RC Version - $475
    • 8 Window Static Display - $335
    • * 8 Window RC Version  - $485

    * RC Version includes heavier layed up hull


    Concept II Model Kit Stands - 100% Assembled

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    This custom display base is made of .25" gloss black acrylic with a black metallic vinyl laminate on the top section, and has .25" clear acrylic supports. The two supports have a green felt applied to the surface where it touches the model, so that the finish can't get scuffed. The base measures 28" long by 8" wide by approx. 8" high at the top of the supports. The front panel features laser etched printing which reads "The N.I.M.R./21st Century Concept 2 Seaview/8 Window Version". For anyone buying the 4 window version, the printing will read "The N.I.M.R./21st Century Concept 2 Seaview/4 Window Version". Because the two clear uprights vary in shape in order to perfectly match the hull contour, it will be necessary to know which direction the nose of the model is to point before the stand is assembled.