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Northstar Reliant

Enterprise A and Reliant Model Kit Decals Notice

We are currently looking for a vendor to make the Enterprise A and Reliant decals. If you know of anyone, please email us at deboersj1(at)msn.com or call us at (605) 660-9083.


Northstar Reliant Model Kit Description

This is the perfect model to go along with your Northstar Enterprise A kit. It is in the same scale as the Enterprise, measuring around 36 inch long. Also, all of the detailing is molded in this kit. In fact, we found out that the Reliant had more detail than the Enterprise. Because of all this detail, we had to build rubber molds for all the parts. For this reason, we will only be able to make up to 15 kits.

The model is made up of Epoxy fiberglass for strength. The engine struts have all of the wiring molded in them. Bolts are molded in the struts to hold the struts to the main hull for assembly. The over head torpedo wing housing is also cast hollow, so you can install wiring up to the torpedo housing head. The model is simple to assemble and builds into a one of a kind beautiful show model.

Allow 5 to 9 weeks for delivery. Each model is made on order or call for time of delivery. Prices and specifications subject to change without notice. No International shipping. Only ship in United States and Canada.

IMPORTANT The design characteristics and specific construction details of the hull shown in this material are the property of NORTHSTAR MODELS, who will make use of all legal remedies to protect its rights against anyone who copies or imitates them.

Call For Price

Quantity Part
2 Main Saucer Halves
2 Engine Struts
4 Engine Halves
1 Bridge
1 Lower Censor Array
1 Rear Impulse Engine
1 Engine Grill and Lens
1 Torpedo Wing, Torpedo Head with all of the necessary parts
1 All necessary small parts, etc.
1 Decal Set
1 Instruction Pamphlet

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