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Seaview Model Kit Description

The driving force behind progress is a willingness to seek out new ways of doing things. This is true with DeBoer Hulls. Since 1987 we have tried to come out with new improved products for our customers. One of these is our new collector series Seaview. With a hull made out of super strong epoxy, this is a one of a kind kit.

Measuring 58 inches long, this model can be made for display or RC running. All details are molded in deeper, like side deck water intakes, missile hatches, and much more. And now the flying sub roller door hatch is made to be removable. This allows easy access to the front nose interior.

Escape hatches are held on by using strong magnets. The kit also has now moveable rudders that are on the back of the rear turbine tubes. Other options that are also available, like a front nose compartment, running hardware kit, etc.

This is a kit for the serious collector who wants only the best! For some of you who don't have the time or skill to complete the kit, we now have a build up service available.

Allow 5 to 9 weeks for delivery. Each model is made on order or call for time of delivery. Prices and specifications subject to change without notice. No International shipping. Only ship in United States and Canada.

IMPORTANT The design characteristics and specific construction details of the hulls shown in this material are the property of DeBoer Hulls, who will make use of all legal remedies to protect its rights against anyone who copies or imitates them-DeBoer Hulls

Call For Price

Quantity Part
1 Main Hull Body
1 Periscopes
1 Radar Screen
1 Bridge Kit for Top of Sail
1 Rudders with necessary parts
1 Escape Hatches with magnets
1 Lights Lens
1 Instruction Pamphlet

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