Products we have are the Skipjack, Los Angeles, Nautilus. All our model kits are top quality, highly detailed, and guaranteed. In 1996 we added a starship model to our line of products. This starship is a 46-inch long model of the Enterprise A. Information on our starship model, just click on the models links.

Workbench Blog

Diorama with Test Sub 1
November 28 2016 | by DeBoer Hulls

Now available Diorama for Test Sub 1. Diorama really adds to the model sub. Made to order. Diorama with Test Sub 1 in the picture has been sold. Price $1,600.00. Email for

Test Sub 1
November 21 2016 | by DeBoer Hulls

Now available is the Test Sub 1 from Voyage, 1/128 scale model used in episodes (Deadly Water's) and the (Monster's Web). Comes completely painted with lights and s

Reliant Model Kit Updated
December 22 2013 | by Dennis DeBoer

July 7, 2013 - New clean crisp Reliant completed kit parts shown in pictures. What is not shown is instruction manual and decals. These are also i

New Reliant Molds
December 18 2013 | by Dennis DeBoer

Newer reliant model kit molds have been created.New Reliant silicone blue rubber molds were built last week showing crisp fresh detail.Lay up production pa

Concept II Submarine Kit - Ready to ship!
March 29 2010 | by Dennis DeBoer

Took a few shots of the concept II this morning.They are not the best as the shinney gel coat would reflect it self in to the camera. The boat looks like a big vacume forme

Concept II molds made
March 18 2010 | by Dennis DeBoer

Got the molds pulled off of the plug.Everything went great.Here is a shot of the molds with the first layup.When the halves are split,there seams to be plenty of room to in

Concept II top haul detail update
February 28 2010 | by Dennis DeBoer

Pulled the new GRP top deck yesterday.It came out perfect!All of the detail is molded in such as:Emergency towing pendent flaring plate:MBT vents (port and starboard) Weapo

Concept II Exhaust Fans Detail
January 06 2010 | by Dennis DeBoer

Well I finally got a few pictures taken of the sub.It has been one of those days,one step ahead and two back.Anyway I addad more detail to the sail.Diesel exaust vents,fair

Concept II Sail Update
January 03 2010 | by Dennis DeBoer

I got a little more done on the sail,over the weekend. I glued one sail hatch on the left side of the sail tonight.A N scale figure is standing next to it for scale.I want

Introducing NEW Concept II submarine kit
January 01 2010 | by Dennis DeBoer

A while back I talked to a gentlmen about the seaview submarine.I knew the submarine very well,as I have built the sub before.He had the moebius thirty nine inch seaview.It