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Northstar Enterprise A

Enterprise A and Reliant Model Kit Decals Notice

We are currently looking for a vendor to make the Enterprise A and Reliant decals. If you know of anyone, please email us at deboersj1(at)msn.com or call us at (605) 660-9083.


Northstar Enterprise A Model Kit Description

This is a one of a kind model of the Enterprise A in the world. The large 46 inch long model has it all! From the start, the starship was made with the entire detailing molded in. From the saucer to the wrap engines the detailing is everywhere. The patterns took two years to make. We wanted to make the patterns as accurate and beautiful as possible. Unlike others kits where the detailing is close, this model is right on!

All parts are hand laid up, using epoxy resin and cloth. This is done for strength and light weight. Then we go a step further. We install a brass and aluminum armature. This runs from the saucer to the secondary hull. This add strength and also helps to set the model on a tripod.

Brass rod is also laid into the struts that hold up the engines to provided strength and a place to run electric wiring to engines. All clear parts are cast in optical grade epoxy. This is the kit for the serious collector who demands only the best! The kit does not include wiring, lights, and paint. What it does include is all of the main hull parts "See Drawing", instructions, Aztec pattern for the main saucer, paint guide, decals and glue. Very important construction procedure: Use good quality paints and primers. See important note on this on the Reliant kit information below.

Because of the time consuming job of making each part, a very limited number of kits will be available. This will be on a first serve basis.

Allow 5 to 9 weeks for delivery. Each model is made on order or call for time of delivery. Prices and specifications subject to change without notice. No International shipping. Only ship in United States and Canada.

IMPORTANT The design characteristics and specific construction details of the hull shown in this material are the property of NORTHSTAR MODELS, who will make use of all legal remedies to protect its rights against anyone who copies or imitates them.

Call For Price

Quantity Part
1 Secondary Hull
1 Disk Housing
1 Front Censor Disk
1 Photon Torpedo Tubes
1 Lower Dome
1 Main Saucer Housing
1 Saucer Top
1 Bridge
1 Impulse Engine
4 Nacelle Front Side Grills
2 Magnatomic Crystal
2 Warp Engine Side Panels
2 Warp Engine Nacelle
2 Reaction Control Thrusters
2 Struts
1 Landing Bay Doors
1 Light Housing
1 Decal Set
1 Instructions Pamphlet

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