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Skipjack Model Kit Description

Our DeBoer Hulls model faithfully captures the detail and hull lines of the real Sculpin. She is still classified today, but available plans, and numerous pictures were studied to gather every last detail possible. Our model has all the torpedo tubes and torpedo loading doors molded in. Top deck detail is painstakingly scribed and molded to show vents, safety track and other details. The sail is rich in detail as well, with every inspection hatch, water-tight door and windows in place.

The main hull separates into upper lower halves to make R/C installation easy as possible. The hull halves are held together with a unique system whereby the screws are recessed under the escape hatches, giving a no compromise realism to the buttoned-up model! Hull construction is laid up using mat and cloth to give the most durable hull possible. 10 built-in bulkheads give the hull a superior dimensional stability.

Wall thickness is .080 or thicker, with a beautiful gel coat adding smoothness to the hull. The dive planes are solid molded resin with brass shafts. The 4 periscope shears are also molded resin and vented so you can attach air vent lines for your ballast tanks.

The 1/48 Scale DeBoer Hulls Sculpin is 63 inches in length and has a beam of 8 inches, allows plenty of room and accessibility to make R/C installation as easy as possible.

Allow 5 to 9 weeks for delivery. Each model is made on order or call for time of delivery. Prices and specifications subject to change without notice. No International shipping. Only ship in United States and Canada.

IMPORTANT The design characteristics and specific construction details of the hulls shown in this material are the property of DeBoer Hulls, who will make use of all legal remedies to protect its rights against anyone who copies or imitates them-DeBoer Hulls


Quantity Part
2 Fiberglass Hull halves
2 Fiberglass Sail halves
2 Resin molded rear Diving Planes
2 Resin molded Sail mounted Diving Planes
2 Resin molded rear Rudders
2 Rear U-control brass couplers
1 Sail U-control brass coupler
2 Plexiglass hold-down brackets
2 Plexiglass hold-down brackets
2 9/64 Screws for hold-down brackets
2 No.2 Screws for rear tail section brackets
4 Resin molded Hatch Covers
1 Periscopes w/vented brass tubes
14 Hull strips
1 Strip of Mat
6 1/32 brass rod
1 5/32 brass bushings
1 Rear resin power line
1 Front sail divider
1 Instruction Pamphlet

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